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Withdrawal Status

check pf withdrawal status:

All the employees working in the private sector are covered under employee provident fund. A part from the salary of employee is deducted each month and it is invested for the saving scheme. The EPF is maintained for the non pensionable employees working in the private sector. The employee provident fund organization maintains the provident fund. A fixed amount is deducted each month from the salary of the employee and that amount is invested according to the saving scheme by EPFO. The value of provident fund deducted each moth is mentions on the pay slip. The employees can calculate the EPF from the value deducted each month but it is really very difficult to keep the record this way.

To check pf withdrawal status exactly is really very difficult and the solution to it is to check  PF claim status online. This facility started from 11 July 2011 by EPFO.

The procedure to check pf withdrawal status online:

To know the account details and the check pf withdrawal status online of your EPF account you should know your provident fund account number. Then only you can check the EPF claim status.


(DL is the code for the state Delhi, same way you can mention the code of your place followed by the provident fund account number.)

Procedure check pf withdrawal status:

  • The link for check pf withdrawal status is available on the website
  • Here you will get the list of all the offices maintaining the provident fund account. You have to select your office and furnish your PF account number. Currently EPF data is available for
    • Delhi – North (DL/CPM)
    • Delhi – South (DS/NHP)
    • Laxmi Nagar – Delhi (DS/SHD)
    • Gurgaon (GN/GGN)
    • Faridabad (HR/FBD)
    • Karnal (HR/KNL)
    • Bangalore (BG/BNG)

The following details are required to be entered to continue with the procedure to check your pf account balance:

  • Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Account Number
  • Name
  • Mobile number.
  • After filling all the details the up to date balance of your PF Account will be sent to you via sms. The updated information includes all the latest approved transactions of advances/ settlement/transfer-in/ transfer out etc.

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