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Provident Fund Statement

Employees provident fund statement is released by the EPF office every year which is submitted to the employer or to the respective company. The statement of each and every employee of the company is submitted yearly to their respective company address. The details of the provident fund statement contain the last opening balance at the beginning of the period, employer’s contribution, percentage of interest and total amount balance at the end of the year. Employees should make sure that the details on the statement is correct and as per his/her knowledge. If there are any correction to be made it should be brought to the notice of the company at the earliest. The correction to the errors should be done within six months’ time frame. The EPF office is thinking of making changes in the generation of the statement, as it is planning to generate monthly statement instead of yearly for the proper functioning and accountability of the employees. Now-a-days it is possible to check the provident fund statement online by just entering the account number on the official website.

The statement can be encoded in following way: account number consists of alphanumeric with first two digits indicates state and next 5 digit is employer’s code with remaining number as employee’s code. The opening balance indicates the amount that is carried forward from previous financial year. The contributions indicate the amount paid by employer as well as employee. It is mandatory for the EPFO to generate the statement and this statement should be given to the respective employee’s by the company. The statement will prove as a record of the amount contributed towards the PF, so each and every employee or person should keep the record of it to prevent any kind of issues at the time of withdrawal etc. The statement generated is a proof of record of the contribution made and this statement can be used by the individual or employed person to save tax.



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