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PF Rules in India

The provident fund rules and pf rules decided by the government of India are applicable for each and every state except the state of Jammu and Kashmir as per the employee’s provident fund and miscellaneous act, 1952. All the Employers have to abide by the rules that are put-forth by the commission and have to provide each and every benefit to their employees. The provident fund rules  provides a clause where the wife or husband of the employee gets benefit of the fund as per the pf rules  after the death of the employee provided wife or husband is beneficiary in his/her  provident fund.  

Some of the provident fund like public provident fund that is available in the post office can be done by individuals. In such kind of provident fund the rules are different and even retired individual can contribute in it. There are different rules like manual of accounting procedure, recovery manual, inspector manual, Employees provident fund scheme 1952, Employee deposit linked insurance scheme 1976 and many more. The details of the rules can be viewed at the official website of the provident fund. There are several rules for transfer of provident fund account, accumulations of a deceased member, nominations etc. There are rules that define the category of employee and in similar way the amount is defined so that employee can pay there PF amount easily and effectively.  Companies have to fill form and should register it with the provident fund commission so that they can start the contribution to the provident fund. If companies follow these rules and regulation put forth by the commission then they can get maximum benefits and can even provide benefits to their employees. 

The rule probably changes every yearly or as per the Government decision and the companies are profited with these changing rules. It is mandatory to contribute in the provident fund to have the tax benefits and get major advantage of it.



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