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Provident Fund Balance

The provident fund balance and epf balance can be viewed on the employee’s annual statement that is provided every year in form of paper. The pf balance will provide detail information on the amount contributed by the employee as well as the amount contributed by the employer. The details of the balance can even be viewed online where employee has to enter his/ her appropriate and accurate account number and submit after that there will be a statement displayed on the screen. But still some of the state provides this facility and not all the provident fund center offer’s such service.  The provident fund balance and pf balance provides complete amount that is available for that financial year. The epf balance can act as a proof of document if any of the employees finds error in the statement, address or company name i.e. using this balance information employee can complaint about the error to the nearby service or sub-center. Employee have to follow some guidelines to check their balance online and these guidelines are as follows: Initially employee has to select appropriate link to check the balance, then he/she has to enter correct EPFO office where their details are maintained and after selecting appropriate EPFO office they have to enter correct account number.

Next step is to enter extension number but if the employee does not have extension number then they have to leave it blank. After the filling of information employee will be asked for his/her name and mobile number. This number will be saved across their name and account number. Once all the guidelines are followed properly and the employee submits these details then they will receive balance information in form of SMS on their mobile number. These guidelines will prove helpful for the employee to check their account balance and will help them in there further assistance while handling the issues if any in their balance.



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