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EPF Status

Employee provident fund account status:

In order to know exactly about the Employee provident fund account status, the fixed amount that is deducted each month from the salary of the employees (working in private and non pensionable public sectors) that is to be invested according to the saving scheme by EPFO, the employees need to keep a track of Employee provident fund account status.

The value of provident fund deducted each moth is mentioned on the pay slip. The employees can calculate the EPF from the value deducted each month but it is really very difficult to keep the record this way.

Online employee provident fund claim status:

The EPF members or the pension holders who have claimed for the EPF in any office of the EPFO can avail the facility of online EPF status. In order to check the ONLINE employee provident fund claim status. Log in to the regional office web site of Employee Provident Fund Organization. The employee has to select the regional office to which he/ she belong.

Links like “know your balance”, “Status of application” etc. are available on the website.
There are some details that are required to be filled. The web site of EPFO is updated. There are various other websites also which provide details of the EPF claim status but usually these are not updated for several months and the employee will not be able to know the recent updated EPF claim status. There is also the option to collect the details personally from the Sub Regional office of Employee Provident Fund Organization but to know the EPF claim status online is convenient and time saving.

While checking the online employee provident fund claim status the following are the guidelines that should be followed:

  • From the list of the offices provided on the website, select the claimer has to select the EPF office from where the claim is to be settled.
  • After that the employee has to enter the maximum 7 digits establishment code.
  • The establishment code may have an extension or sub code too.
  • After entering the 7 digit account number the claimer will submit all the details by clicking the submit button and the status will be accessed.

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